Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10122

Microsoft has released Build 10122 of its Windows 10 Insider Preview Edition, to what used to be called beta testers in the Fast Ring. Those who opt to remain in the Slow Ring won’t see it yet, as they’re supposed to see less frequent, but more stable, preview releases. But the last Slow Ring build I installed (10074) was so unstable for me, I moved to the fast ring and installed 10080. That solved a few issues, but introduced some unfortunate new ones, including the need to uninstall the graphics card driver once or twice a day to deal with a blank display issue.

That brings us to Build 10122. To get a sense of how the latest build works, I updated my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet to 10122 shortly after its release. Here’s what’s new, what’s better, and what’s really broken. When reading my comments, remember that Windows 10 Build 10122 is a beta release of a product with a projected release date for sometime this summer (more specifically, late July, if AMD’s CEO was correct). In short, Build 10122 is a late beta that needs to be finalized in the next two to three months. And from what I’m seeing, it’s not looking good.

via Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10122 — and it’s a giant mess | ExtremeTech.

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