The Great American West

If you look at a map of the United States, you’ll often find that the most interesting natural features fall along state borders. On a trip last month, we visited some of the most telling examples of this phenomenon…starting with one of the centerpieces of the National Park System.

Yellowstone National Park straddles the Wyoming-Montana-Idaho border, though most of its 3,400 square miles lie in Wyoming. It’s the world’s oldest National Park, and one of the most unique places on the continent, if not the planet. The volcanic forces simmering just under its surface give rise to over a thousand geysers and mineral hot springs, including the largest active geyser in the world (Steamboat), and arguably the most famous (Old Faithful). And that’s in addition to acres of forest, dozens of Rocky Mountain peaks, hundreds of monumental waterfalls, and precious plant and animal species—all of which make Yellowstone a premier U.S. destination.

via The Great American West.

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