Flower of Salt – The “caviar of salts”

Flor de Sal literally translated means “Flower of Salt” and it’s known as the “caviar of salts” by chefs worldwide. It’s the cream of salt or, according to the saltworkers, the curds. Everyday a very thin layer of crystals is formed and hand harvested in the traditional roman method by Marnotos (the salt harvesters of the Castro Marim region), who carefully rake that top layer of salt crystals using only wooden tools.

It is a finishing salt known for his unique texture. A delicate flake that provides a strong crunch and dissolves quickly, giving you a burst of clean, mild salty flavor with each bite. The purest and whitest Flor de Sal comes from Castro Marim region, in the south of Portugal.

via Flor de Sal.

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