Coast guard rescues Mediterranean migrants

A Swedish ship rescued some 250 migrants in the Mediterranean after they called for assistance late Saturday off the coast of Libya.

The Coast Guard ship Poseidon arrived at the scene at 11 a.m. Sunday and took aboard 262 migrants who were traveling in a wooden boat.

The ship’s captain Joakim Håkansson told news agency TT that the 20-meter open deck boat had people from Eritrea, Somalia and Syria inside. He said their vessel was not seaworthy.

“That boat is going to sink,” Håkansson told TT.

“It is a simple boat overloaded with people. They do not have enough fuel to cross the sea,” coast guard spokesman Mattias Lindholm told newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The coast guard’s Lindholm said it’s unclear if all the migrants are in good health. But, he said, most were able to board Poseidon without help and all have been given food, water and protection from the sun.

After the rescue operation, Poseidon was due to rescue another boat in distress with some 600 onboard.

via Coast guard rescues Mediterranean migrants – Radio Sweden | Sveriges Radio.

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