Doñana National Park -Spain

Doñana National Park in Andalusia occupies the right bank of the Guadalquivir river at its estuary on the Atlantic Ocean. It is notable for the great diversity of its biotopes, especially lagoons, marshlands, fixed and mobile dunes, scrub woodland and maquis. It is home to five threatened bird species. It is one of the largest heronries in the Mediterranean region and is the wintering site … Continue reading Doñana National Park -Spain

VIDEO: Auckland – City of Sails

Welcome to Auckland. The native Māori people named the area Tāmaki Makaurau, meaning “desired by a hundred men”. The attraction is still there today, because Auckland is now the most populous city in New Zealand. In the City of Sails you are always surrounded by water, as becomes clear when you stand on the top of the top of Mount Eden. A nice inner-city beach … Continue reading VIDEO: Auckland – City of Sails

Colorado River Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

Living in Fort Collins, when we hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, we typically hit up trails on the eastern side of the park. With Trail Ridge Road opening this past weekend, we decided to check out the Colorado River Trail on the Grand Lake side of the park.  As much as we love the snow and winter activities, we’ve been itching for some of … Continue reading Colorado River Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

The Best Summer Music Festivals in Europe

The summer season is kicking into high gear for much of the world, and that means sunshine, exposed toes, and the blissful sound of live music washing over open-air crowds. If you’re hoping to follow your ears to your next vacation destination, but haven’t yet found a festival that calls your name, we’ve got a list of some of our favorites to help you plan your escape. via The … Continue reading The Best Summer Music Festivals in Europe

Dip Into the Sexiest Hotel Pools Around the World

Summer’s almost upon us, and in most areas of the world, that means heat! There’s really no better way to enjoy warm weather than a refreshing pool experience, so to make sure we stay cool, TPG Contributor Lori Zaino leads us to some of the most incredible hotel pools around the world. Make sure to check out her round-up of Best Hotel Pools Around the US, too! … Continue reading Dip Into the Sexiest Hotel Pools Around the World

15 Must See Spectacular Man Made Islands

A popular vacation destination is an island. The further away from home and more tropical, the better. Many people wish that they could have their own private island to get away any time they want. Some wealthy people already do. If you can scrape up enought nickles and dimes you can have your own island built. That seems to be the new trend in real … Continue reading 15 Must See Spectacular Man Made Islands

Las Vias Verdes. Turismo en España.

Recorrer las Vías Verdes, antiguas líneas de ferrocarril recuperadas para caminantes y ciclistas, es una forma diferente, divertida y ecológica de conocer nuestro país, su cultura y sus paisajes. Una alternativa abierta a públicos de todas las edades, respetuosa con el medio ambiente y en la que se combinan deporte y aire libre. ¿Quieres conocerlas? El tren dejó de pasar para siempre por vías que, … Continue reading Las Vias Verdes. Turismo en España.

The Great American West

If you look at a map of the United States, you’ll often find that the most interesting natural features fall along state borders. On a trip last month, we visited some of the most telling examples of this phenomenon…starting with one of the centerpieces of the National Park System. Yellowstone National Park straddles the Wyoming-Montana-Idaho border, though most of its 3,400 square miles lie in … Continue reading The Great American West

Visiting Lagos – Algarve

The glowing gold of Baroque carving on church walls; battlements evocative of past conflicts; the presence of Prince Henry and the seafarers who unveiled the ocean’s first secrets at the helm of fragile caravels: all fascinating points of interest on an itinerary through a city proud of its history and the role it played in the voyages of exploration known as the Discoveries. via Deluxe-Algarve … Continue reading Visiting Lagos – Algarve

Documentary – GANGES or GANGA

Land of God & Goddess – Dev Bhoomi !!! Discover the importance of Ma Ganga in this spellbinding journey to the Himalayas! The epic journey to find the source of the Ganges . Reaching the temple of Gangotri – the place where Hindus believe that Ganges first appeared on Earth. Further on we will also trail Kedarnath, Valley of Flowers, Yamunotri and Badrinath. via GANGES … Continue reading Documentary – GANGES or GANGA

Diez edificios únicos de Nueva York

Uno de los principales focos de interés de Nueva York es su gran variedad arquitectónica. Puedes ir paseando por Wall Street y encontrarte con el puro estilo griego del Federal Hall o andar 10 minutos más y contemplar el corte moderno y contemporáneo de la Zona Cero. Estaciones de tren, iglesias, estadios, rascacielos, puentes. La ciudad está llena de edificios emblemáticos que se pueden visitar, … Continue reading Diez edificios únicos de Nueva York